Monday, 28 July 2014

August 2014 Diary

If you're on holiday in the Dymock, Newent, Ledbury or Forest of Dean area and looking for a small, friendly country Chapel you'll be made most welcome.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

New Western Way Chapel sign

Our new sign at the end of the walkway from Western Way being installed by Mike Hencher.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Pilgrims BBQ

The final evening of Pilgrims Monday Night Club was held at Tom Roberts Adventure Centre Malswick, just outside Newent. 22 young people plus an equal amount of leaders and parents made up the group. A great time was had by all exploring the 22 acre site and trying out many of the outdoor facilities the centre has to offer including the very popular zip wire, the stream rope jump, the tyre swing and the football pitch.

After the magnificent barbecue everyone settled down in the late evening sunshine to listen to Michael Bennett as he told stories of Abraham before teaching the youngsters an action song about Abraham and his long black beard which every one enjoyed. A wonderful evening was had by all and many stayed on into the evening to enjoy chatting and playing, the team finally managed to clear up at 8.30pm. Our thanks to all those parents and leaders for their help in cooking, serving and providing much of the food, crisps, fruit, cakes, hot dogs and burgers galore. Pilgrims will start up again after the school summer holidays.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Garden Share Lunch

Our annual Garden Share Lunch took place on the last Thursday in June and was a very enjoyable event for the 25 people who came, lunch was provided by the ladies with many varied dishes of tempting food available. The weather was warm and sunny so we were able to sit out and enjoy our lunch. The guest speaker was Richard Geary, Project Manager and Field Director from The Peace and Hope Trust UK, whose motto is ‘Faith in Action”.

Richard explained how the Trust, who operate in Nicaragua, help with health, education and humanitarian aid in general, he also told us about some of the people whose lives had been transformed by the Trust,  these changes this not only apply to the people of Nicaragua who receive aid from the Trust, but also to many of the young and older volunteers who go out for two or three weeks with Richard every year.

The talk was sympathetically received by a responsive audience and £100 was given to the Trust in spontaneous donations. Following Richard’s talk, many people wanted to ask questions and know more, however due to the limited time available, we intend to focus on the work of the Peace and Hope Trust again at the first Share Lunch in the Autumn (October 2nd 2014) at Western Way Chapel.

(Vi Newman, July 2014)