Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cinderford Street Pastor scheme

At our Share Lunch on Thursday (3rd April),  Katrina Cracknell gave an informative, amusing and challenging talk about her role as a Street Pastor in Cindeford. This service is provided by members of four different churches in the town every Saturday night from 8.00pm to 1.00am, it's now been operating for two years and, is widely accepted by the local community.

Essentially they are taking the message of the Church to the streets in a very practical way and showing the love of God to individuals by providing such things as flip flops for girls unsteady in high heels, water for those dehydrated by excess alcohol, website addresses for troubled teenagers and literally lending a helping hand by walking people home who are frightened or incapable of finding their own way.

Katrina told us the training provided by a national Christian organization, is very thorough and spread over several months, members of the team have to be recommended by church leaders or ministers and have CRB checks. It takes a lot of commitment & stamina, especially on cold, wet winter nights, a backup team of people praying for them at home or in a local church is an important part of the work.

Street Pastors in their distinctive clothing, can now be found in over 200 towns and cities countrywide, even the police have noticed that the streets are safer places there are less disturbances, and crime levels are down.

(Vic Newman)