Friday, 12 July 2013

Sunday 6:30pm

Next Sunday we welcome Rev Michael Bennett back to Dymock to take our service.  His time in Dymock was appreciated by all and he really loved it too.
Now he is retired he tells me he is speaking in many churches all over the Gloucester area.  So why not come and hear him?
Victor and Ruth Newman are away in the Lakes at the Keswick Convention and we wish them a well-earned rest and the continuance of this great weather.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Hi, this is Mike Hencher.  Sorry for the lack of information abou the Chapel.  I was preaching in the USA two months ago and picked up a kidney disease and my body blew up with fluid to make me look like the Mitchelin Man!

Last Monday, the Pilgrims group and their parents, 52 of us, met for a BBQ and games evening down at the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre that the Chapel is very involved with.  It was a great evening - super food, lovely weather and it was super to see Rev Michael Bennett again who very boldly taught us a song and got us to sing it as a round - just about.

Pilgrims will begin again in September.  By the way quite a number of the Pilgrims are coming to camp from August 17 - 21 at TRAC.   If there are any more youngsters who would like to come let us know, we have room for a few more.