Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding Invitation?

No - I didn't get one either, but you are invited the Western Way Chapel this Sunday. Victor Newman will be leading at 11am and his son Philip will be taking the evening service at 6:30pm. If you accept this invitation it could lead to being in the royal family headed by the King of Kings!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Give God thanks that this can be a happy Easter for us. Good Friday cost God His Son, but Easter Sunday's Resurrection makes it all make sense. Join us for Easter Celebrations at 11am with Mike Hencher and the last of our HOPE DVD series at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth

11am this Sunday is our next All-Age Service to which we invite the whole family for 45 minutes of this time dealing with the Battle of Jericho.
Part 3 of The Hope DVD will be shown at 6:30pm dealing with the most amazing man who ever lived. Mike Hencher will be hosting both these services and we invite you to join us.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Promises, promises....

Some say promises are like pie crusts, made to be broken. God's promises are never broken. Come on Sunday evening at 6:30 to the next instalment of The Hope DVD series and you can find out why.
Our 11am service is being led this week by Chris Rose. Would be great to see you.