Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wes Ross, Hope Church, Lenox, MA

Wes Ross, Associate Minister of Worship and Music at Hope Church, Lenox, MA, a good friend of Western Way Chapel and a personal friend of Mike Hencher has recently sent an email of support for Vic Newman, the work of Western Way Chapel and an update on his own cancer battle:

Wes writes:
"That is wonderful news about Vic - we have been praying for him every day. We also pray for the work at Dymock and the camp, too. As to my own illness, the final diagnosis of the cancer is 'smouldering myeloma' which will not need any treatment unless it worsens to become multiple myeloma which was the original thinking. Actually, I have never really felt poorly throughout this entire ordeal. The only way that I know that I have cancer is because the blood tests and biopsies confirm it - not because of any feeling of weakness or illness - Praise The Lord!"

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