Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Hope - Not To Be Missed!

Every Sunday evening in April at 6:30pm we are showing part of a series called 'The Hope'. It has been made by a company with connections around the world. Each session will include a section from the DVD followed by refreshments and a chance to discuss what was shown or just chat. These evenings will run for strictly one hour and are open to all.
At 11:00am Mike Hencher will be continuing the series on the first letter that the disciple John wrote to the early Christians that has so much to say to us today. You are very welcome to join us at any time.


  1. Dear mr Hencher, dear Mike,

    It's been a while since wee we met.
    Dymock all goes well?
    I occasionally visit the website of the western way chapel and come to your blog.
    I wanted to follow in the near future.
    We wish you a good preparation towards Easter.

    Blessings to you all!

    Lammert & Dita and kids

    The Netherlands

  2. Hi Lammert and Dita
    I'm not sure that my comment got through to you so I'm sending it again. Thanks for your greetings we often talk about your visit. I was thinking of you on Saturday as I passed Ann Cam School where you stayed as I was delivering leaflets about The Hope DVD that we are running. I know that they produce it in many languages, perhaps Dutch. The company is Mars Hill Productions and they have a website.
    Have a great Easter and best wishes to your children. Mike Hencher.