Thursday, 3 March 2011

The End of Bibles in Hotels?

I found this on the internet today and could hardly believe the hatred and fear some people have of the Bible. 'As someone who has frequently complained to hotel managers about Gideons Bibles in the rooms I have occupied – “remove it now, or I will clog up the bog with the thing” usually did the trick – I was delighted to learn today that the American Civil Liberties Union has warned a school district in Ohio that it will take legal action if administrators don’t stop Christian busybodies from handing the Bibles to students during class time.'
Our Sunday service at 6:30 will be taken by the Gideons. John Cox will be telling us about the local group of this worldwide organisation which helps so many.
11-11:45 am meeting is the start of a new series of studies, this time on the little letter John who wrote one of the four Gospels. It's a great book full of hope and assurance. If you're lacking in those departments these days - this is for you. Please join us for 45 minutes of God's truth.

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